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Stump Removal Hamilton

Hamilton stump removal is the process of removing an old tree stump. This may be necessary if you have a tree that has died or has become diseased. It can also be necessary if you have an enormous tree that has fallen over and crushed your home or other property. A tree stump can measure 5-10 metres wide or even bigger. Huge stump requires specialised equipment for complete removal, and may even need a team of 3-5 people.

So, what is considered a stump that can be removed? A tree stump is composed of wood and roots, both of which are living organisms. If you do not remove a tree stump, it can cause damage to your yard and other areas around it. You could also risk injury from falling branches or limbs that could hit someone walking by. A tree service company will be able to remove any remaining pieces of wood from your yard so that they do not become damaged during future storms or other events.

If you are looking to have your tree removed or stump removed, we can help! We have extensive experience in this field and will work closely with you to find the best solution for your situation. Call us for assistance.

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Signs that You Need to Remove Stump

  • The tree has died or been damaged by an animal. The tree can be saved, but you will need to remove the dead or damaged portion of the tree.
  • The stump is more than 3 feet tall and has roots growing out of it, and that they are growing into your yard or house. They may also be causing damage by digging into foundations and walls.
  • The roots are rotting away from the trunk, exposing the wood underneath. This happens when the root system has spread too far from its original location and stopped making new roots at that point.
  • The soil around the stump is loose or sandy with no sign of roots. The stump is causing damage to your property or landscaping. If your home is directly behind where you want to plant, for example, then you should consider removing it before planting anything else. If there’s any doubt about whether or not the tree will survive if left alone, then it’s best to take action now rather than later when it’s too late!
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  • The roots of the tree are growing through cracks in your yard or driveway. This means that the tree has become too weak and unstable to survive on its own. You may also notice that the roots have started pushing through concrete or asphalt surfaces as well. This can lead to more serious problems down the road such as erosion and flooding if left unchecked over time.
  • The soil around the stump is saturated with water or damp, which means that there could be roots growing underneath. This can lead to rot and eventual failure of the tree trunk if left untreated over time.
  • You see large amounts of insects around the base of the tree trunk, especially on warm days when they’re most active (as they feed off sap). Insects like termites and beetles can cause extensive damage if left unchecked over time.